Chugiak/Eagle River, Alaska

Chugiak/Eagle River, Alaska

 Information provided courtesy of the Chugiak/Eagle River Chamber of Commerce.

Population & Employment

Chugiak-Eagle River is a community under the municipal government of Anchorage.  The community has experienced very rapid growth over the past twenty years with the population almost doubling between 1980 and 1990 from 12,858 to 25,324. The 2000 population is 29,915--an 18 percent growth rate in the past decade. The estimated population mid decade – 2005 - is approximately 35,000.

According to the 2000 census, median age for our residents in 34.2 years which is slightly older than Alaska as a state and slightly younger the United States as a whole. Approximately 66.5% of our population is married. Fifty-three percent work in the private sector. In addition, this is a well educated community with 36.8% of the population with college degrees compared to Alaska at 24.7% and the United States at 24.4%. 

The Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce supports economic development and economic diversity that complements the community oriented nature of this area.  Our business community is largely service/retail oriented. However, the surrounding scenic state park land, offers many opportunities for tourism development to complement the growing visitor industry in the state of Alaska.


Cost of Living Index

Since the Chugiak-Eagle River community is within the boundaries of the Municipality of Anchorage. ACCRA Cost of Living Index for Anchorage will be used to indicate relative prices. With the national average at 100, below are seven indicators.*








*Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Index First Quarter 2008


Local Government Structure & Services

As a part of the Municipality of Anchorage, this community has two representatives who sit with nine other members on the Anchorage Municipal Assembly. Our representatives are responsible for advocating community interests and needs as well as dealing with a wide array of area-wide municipal issues.

Neighborhood community councils are very active in Chugiak-Eagle River reviewing issues related to planning and zoning, recreation, roads, public safety and education. Councils include Birchwood, Chugiak, Eagle River, Eagle River Valley, Eklutna and Southfork. Their boundaries are delineated geographically and maps can be obtained by calling the Federation of Community Councils at 277-1977.

The Chugiak-Eagle River community has local jurisdiction over two government services:  Parks & Recreation and Municipal Roads. Representatives from each of five community councils make up the Eagle River/Chugiak Parks & Recreation Board and the Chugiak, Birchwood, Eagle River, Rural Road Service Area Board of Supervisors. Annually, these boards decide policies, budget and bond issues affecting local service delivery.

Chugiak-Eagle River has the following local offices available in the new Town Center on Business Boulevard: Parks & Recreation, Local Road Service, Health (WIC), Property Appraisal, Development Service, and Police.

The Anchorage Fire Department staffs Station 11 in downtown Eagle River. Outside their jurisdiction, The Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department and the Southfork Volunteer Fire Department (under the direction of the Anchorage Fire Department) deliver fire and emergency services to the more rural areas.



Public Schools

The Anchorage School District provides public education for the Chugiak-Eagle River community. The District’s main offices are located in Anchorage and can be reached at 742-4000. There are ten public schools in the Chugiak-Eagle River area serving the needs of our youth.

Alpenglow Elementary, (907) 742-3300

Birchwood Elementary, (907) 742-3450

Chugiak Elementary, (907) 742-3400

Eagle Academy, (907) 742-3025

Eagle River Elementary, (907) 742-3000

Fire Lake Elementary, (907) 742-3350

Homestead Elementary (907), 742-3550

Ravenwood Elementary, (907) 742-3250

Gruening Middle School, (907) 742-3600

Mirror Lake Middle School, (907) 742-3500

Chugiak High School, (907) 742-3050

Eagle River High School, (907) 742-2700


Private Schools

Available in Chugiak-Eagle River include:

Birchwood Community Church, (907) 688-2228

Eagle River Christian Academy, (907) 694-4602

St. John’s Community School, (907) 696-3920


Home Schools

For more information here is our current list.

Iditarod School District – Distance Learning Center at (907) 694-6100.

APHEA  (Alaska Private and Home Educators Association)

ERCHA (Eagle River Christian Home School Association)


Universty/Post Secondary Training

In 1976, the University of Alaska system expanded to downtown Eagle River. The Chugiak-Eagle River Campus of UAA Community & Technical College is located in the Eagle Center on Eagle River Road. The campus offers a variety of freshman through senior college level courses and work force development programs. For a copy of the current class offerings and registration information call (907) 694-3313 or visit them online at



For the younger set, the following preschools are currently listed in the area:

Bright Beginnings, (907) 694-4910

Children's Montessori School, (907) 694-3454

Chugiak Children's Services (Headstart), (907) 688-2660

Fire Lake Preschool, (907) 694-8911

Joan’s Preschool Center, (907) 694-7577

Joy Child Care & Preschool, (907) 694-2755

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